Trade Statistics:

MILA provides accurate, complete and up-to-date information and intelligence on trade with Mexico. MILA’s trade statistics service consists of a monthly updated  database with detailed information of all trade transactions happening through Mexican customs. The database includes the following information:


» Transaction type: import/export.

» HS code: traded product customs classification.

» Product description: a brief description of the product according to shipping documents.

» Importer/exporter company name.

» Tax ID, address, zip, city, state of the Mexican importer/exporter.

» Quantity and unit type (e.g., pieces, kilos, etc.)

» Total shipment value (in US$ and pesos)

» Invoice value (merchandise value declared in invoice)

» Merchandise origin (where the merchandise was manufactured and where it shipped from.

» Gross weight.

» Regime and type: final import/export, for maquila, temporary, etc.

» Crossing point: customs point where the merchandise entered/exited Mexico.

» Transport method.

» Agent: registration number of the customs broker handling the merchandise in customs.

» Shipment number and date (day/month/year)

» Tax ID, name, address, zip, city and state of the foreign supplier/buyer.


MILA’s trade statistics are used to identify prospective clients/suppliers; learn about import/export market size, key players and shares in volume and value; identify importers/exporters of complementary products; learn about competition; generate sales leads; identify dumping practices; identify distributors breaching territory agreements; learn about market changes that affect your export/import business; obtain solid foundation for decision making.

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